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Why Children Are Unsafe in Cyberspace ? Any effort to protect children in cyberspace must engage every participant in the online ecosystem by BCG & Global Cybersecurity Forum.

With online access virtually ubiquitous on computers, smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, almost all children under 12 are now internet users. As these children spend more and more time
online—a trend that has only accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic began—the cyber risks they face, such as online bullying, inappropriate content, and digital addiction, are worsening.

Exhibit 1 – What We Learned from Our Survey

Exhibit 2 – Most Children Are Spending Large Amounts of Time Online

Exhibit 3 – Not Enough Children Feel Safe Online, and Threats Are Abundant

Exhibit 4 – Parental Response to Online Threats Varies by Region

Exhibit 5 – Protecting Children in Cyberspace Requires an Ecosystem of Engaged Stakeholders


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