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Welcome to CISO2CISO Cyber Security Group

We are +100K Cyber Security Members exchanging information in the CISO Cyber Secutity Information World.

CISO2CISO (C2C) seeks to create the largest global community of cybersecurity specialists. As an independent group of professionals passionate about cybersecurity issues, we generate the largest base of information, documents and news associated with information security, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, data protection, etc.

Our History

This community was born in 2008, as an idea to democratize the information associated with Cybersecurity, and after 15 years of work and dedication, it already attracts thousands readers monthly, who seek & share knowledge related to cybersecurity.

Understanding that we live in an increasingly dynamic context – VUCA, our main mission is to collaborate in the development of the entire community linked to cybersecurity, through the training and updating of our readers and followers.

Today our readers come from more than 70 countries around the world, and among their profiles we find: CISOS & CSOs from the largest companies in the world, high-level professionals associated with government and private organizations, specialists in fraud prevention and auditing, executive directors, consultants, etc.

It is also made up of managed security service providers, technical specialists from companies linked to the world of cybersecurity, resellers and marketing.

Our Team

Marcos Jaimovich


Marcos Jaimovich is a cybersecurity expert and enthusiastic with +20 years of experience working in cybersecurity and co-founder of CISO2CISO Global Cybersecurity Group.
This platform connects CISOs to exchange knowledge on cybersecurity threats and solutions. Marcos has advised numerous organizations on cyber & risk management and is an advisor to cybersecurity startups.
He educates others on staying safe in the digital space and is available on LinkedIn.





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