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CISO PLAYBOOK: FIRST 100 DAYS Setting the CISO up for success

We propose a series of recommendations from hard lessons learned and a best practice approach to:

  • Build and deliver a CISO first 100-day plan, to organise the key activities and initiatives that should be undertaken at the start-up phase, through to delivery of the final results at the end of 100 days; and
  • Increase the chances of success, reduce the risk of failure and provide a platform for a new CISO to thrive in the role.

According to a study from the Enterprise Strategy Group and the Information Systems Security Association, a lack of alignment between the CISO role and the business, the C-suite and the Board of Directors can contribute to high CISO turnover. Therefore, it’s essential for a new CISO to have a plan and be able to communicate it consistently to all the key stakeholders.


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