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Most security technology was not made for the cloud and has to be retrofitted for use there. But Netography Fusion is a cloud-native security platform that can handle all your cloud and network traffic.

Netography CEO Martin Roesch said the platform was “built for the world we’re in now.” It’s for dispersed, ephemeral, encrypted and diverse – what he refers to as “DEED” – environments, to work with the multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premises, IT and OT environments that modern large enterprises have today.

Netography Fusion consolidates the detection of and response to threats and anomalies by observing the interrelationships between metadata and identifying variances that are not allowed, he said.

In this episode of‘s podcast series “Cybersecurity Insights,” Roesch discussed:

  • The difference between threat detection and compromise detection;
  • The definition of an atomized network;
  • What Netography can and cannot do in terms of NDR and EDR.

Roesch is the author and lead developer of the open-source intrusion prevention system Snort. In 2001, he founded Sourcefire and served as CEO and CTO. When the company was acquired by Cisco, he led the security business group as chief architect.

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