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NIST SP 800-61

The authors, Paul Cichonski of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Tom Millar of the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), Tim Grance of NIST, and Karen Scarfone of Scarfone Cybersecurity wish to thank their colleagues who reviewed drafts of this document
and contributed to its technical content, including John Banghart of NIST; Brian Allen, Mark Austin, Brian DeWyngaert, Andrew Fuller, Chris Hallenbeck, Sharon Kim, Mischel Kwon, Lee Rock, Richard Struse, and Randy Vickers of US-CERT; and Marcos Osorno of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. A special acknowledgment goes to Brent Logan of US-CERT for his graphics assistance. The authors would also like to thank security experts Simon Burson, Anton Chuvakin (Gartner), Fred Cohen (Fred Cohen & Associates), Mariano M. del Rio (SIClabs), Jake Evans (Tripwire), Walter Houser (SRA), Panos Kampanakis (Cisco), Kathleen Moriarty (EMC), David Schwalenberg (National Security Agency), and Wes Young (Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center [REN-ISAC]), as well as representatives of the Blue Glacier Management Group, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Energy, the Department of State, and the Federal Aviation Administration for their particularly valuable comments and suggestions.

The authors would also like to acknowledge the individuals that contributed to the previous versions of the publication. A special thanks goes to Brian Kim of Booz Allen Hamilton, who co-authored the original version; to Kelly Masone of Blue Glacier Management Group, who co-authored the first revision; and also to Rick Ayers, Chad Bloomquist, Vincent Hu, Peter Mell, Scott Rose, Murugiah Souppaya, Gary Stoneburner, and John Wack of NIST; Don Benack and Mike Witt of US-CERT; and Debra Banning, Pete Coleman, Alexis Feringa, Tracee Glass, Kevin Kuhlkin, Bryan Laird, Chris Manteuffel, Ron Ritchey, and Marc Stevens of Booz Allen Hamilton for their keen and insightful assistance throughout the development of the document, as well as Ron Banerjee and Gene Schultz for their work on a preliminary draft of the document. The authors would also like to express their thanks to security experts Tom Baxter (NASA), Mark Bruhn (Indiana University), Brian Carrier (CERIAS, Purdue University), Eoghan Casey, Johnny Davis, Jr. (Department of Veterans Affairs), Jim Duncan (BB&T), Dean Farrington (Wells Fargo Bank), John Hale (University of Tulsa), Georgia Killcrece (CERT® /CC), Barbara Laswell (CERT® /CC), Pascal Meunier (CERIAS, Purdue University), Jeff Murphy (University of Buffalo), Todd O’Boyle (MITRE), Marc Rogers (CERIAS, Purdue University), Steve Romig (Ohio State University), Robin Ruefle (CERT® /CC), Gene Schultz (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Michael Smith (US-CERT), Holt Sorenson, Eugene Spafford (CERIAS, Purdue University), Ken van Wyk, and Mark Zajicek (CERT® /CC), as well as representatives of the Department of the Treasury, for their particularly valuable comments and suggestions.


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