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Dashlane launches integrated passkey support for password manager with new in-browser passkey solution

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Password management vendor Dashlane has announced the introduction of integrated passkey support in its password manager, unveiling an in-browser passkey solution to help tackle the issue of stolen/misused passwords. The launch comes as the “passwordless authentication” era edges closer with tech giants Apple, Google and Microsoft set to bring it to millions of smartphone and laptop users in accordance with recommendations from the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance.

Passkey support includes secure sharing, access control, multi-device sync capabilities

In a blog post, Dashlane wrote that the launch of passkey support in its password manager is the natural evolution of its offerings and is tied to its mission of making security simple for organizations and their people. “Today’s biggest security issue stems from stolen logins – over 80% of breaches occur as a result,” it added. Passwordless authentication takes a powerful step towards addressing this problem, it claimed.

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