Cybercrime Investigators Handbook by WILEY

Cybercrime Investigators Handbook by WILEY

CYBERCRIME INVESTIGATION is a discipline relevant to an increasingly diverse audience. It’s a profession that has evolved with technology and that is constantly being presented with challenges in determining
the truth behind alleged events. As part of the broader cyber security profession, investigators in large part are valued for their practical experience, vendor certifications, and trustworthiness in delivering investigative outcomes—whether that be to prove or disprove alleged offending.
Graeme Edwards embodies these qualities. He forged a career as one of Australia’s first true cybercrime detectives with the Queensland Police Service.
Like many in our profession he took it upon himself to continue to self-develop, through learning about and adapting to new technology environments, and through advancing his own education. His doctorate furthered his expertise in cloud investigations and forensics, anticipating the growing need for this
Cybercrime Investigators Handbook is a life work for Graeme. It provides an opportunity for readers to directly benefit from his unique expertise and lifelong learning experiences. Its content steps readers through the investigative process from a cybercrime perspective, capturing key practical and observational gems readers can readily apply to their own challenges.
Thanks to authors like Graeme, our profession can continue to evolve and benefit from the passing on of key lessons and knowledge for the betterment of practitioners and those looking to move into the exciting field of cybercrime investigations. It’s a very timely contribution. I trust you’ll benefit from its content as much as I have. Thank you, Graeme, for advancing our profession in this very meaningful way.

Professor David Lacey
Managing Director, IDCARE
Director, Institute for Cyber Investigations and Forensics, USC


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