Secure Software Development Lifecycle Fundamentals by Codrut Andrei

Secure Software Development Lifecycle Fundamentals by Codrut Andrei

The Secure Software Development Lifecycle Fundamentals is a brief introduction to SDLC, its methods,
available resources, and it is primarily written with the developer in mind. All of the materials included in
this paper are meant to assist developers in learning how to write better code, create applications that
are more secure, and build a more secure tomorrow.
Developers can help the company shorten the time to market while maintaining a high degree of quality
and security for their applications, by offering them training and education on secure coding and sharing
information about security standards and requirements. Automating mundane chores and enhancing
teamwork can all be achieved by incorporating these techniques and technologies into daily operations.
In today’s market, every business depends to varying degrees on software, and any application that is
accessible over the internet has a sizable attack surface that requires security.
Protecting our enterprises is a difficult undertaking since there are more zero-day vulnerabilities, more
entities that profit from erroneous configurations, and a lack of administrative and technological controls.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injections are two of the most common instances of code flaws that lead to online application vulnerabilities. Visibility of our attack surface is a positive step, but the real problem has to be solved. The greatest method to demonstrate dedication to developing security and ensuring that our clients have faith in us as a reliable business partner is to assist our developers with safe coding best practices and trainings to prevent data breaches, financial loss, and reputational harm.
About the author
With over 14 years of experience in the technology and information security industry and a career evolution from technical to management, I have designed and implemented enterprise-grade security programs and services, developed of a team of highly skilled professionals, and matured the organization information security capabilities through leadership, strategy, planning and execution.
Mentoring, coaching, raising security awareness, giving back to the community, and doing my part to
make the world a better and safer place best reflect my personality, values, and aspirations.


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