darkreading – 10 Hot Red Team Tools Set to Hit Black Hat Europe

The slate of Arsenal presentations at Black Hat Europe is set to feature lots of low-cost and free goodies for offensive security pros.



Presenter: Luca Bongiorni

USBsamurai can help offensive security professionals demonstrate that even air-gapped systems are within reach of resourceful attackers. It’s a remotely controlled USB HID injecting cable that can be used to compromise targets remotely using a proprietary 2.4-GHz protocol. The creator’s Arsenal talk will run through how to build the tool using $15 worth of off-the-shelf components. He’ll also discuss countermeasures to these types of implant tools.

Source: https://www.darkreading.com/application-security/10-killer-red-team-tools-set-to-hit-black-hat-europe?slide=10

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