Zero Trust Business Plan


Digital transformation is shaping the new normal Organizations are embracing digital transformation to manage continuous business environment changes:

  • Shifting business models and partnerships
  • Technology trends
  • Regulatory, geopolitical, and cultural forces

COVID-19 remote work accelerated transformation and often transforms security from a cost-center to a strategic driver for growth.

“COVID taught everyone it’s not going to be all peachy and you’re going to have to be able to adjust very quickly in the future. The closer we get to a zero trust model, it shouldn’t matter whether we are operating out of a garage, the cloud, or a datacenter” Manager, Identity & Access Solutions, at financial services company

Securing digital transformation requires Zero Trust

Digital transformation forces re-examination of traditional security modelsThe old way of security does not provide business agility, user experiences, and protections needed for a rapidly evolving digital estate. Many organizations are implementing Zero Trust to alleviate these challenges and enable the new normal of working anywhere, with anyone, at any time.


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