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Weekly Update 308

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It was all a bit last minute today after travel, office works and then a quick rebuild of desk and PC before doing this livestream (didn’t even have time to comb my hair!) So yes, I took a shortcut with the description of this video, but it all worked out well in the end IMHO with plenty of content that wasn’t entirely data breach related, but yeah, that does seem to be a bit of a recurring theme in these vids. Enjoy ?


The acoustic panelling in my office is starting to look awesome (some stuff is not lining up so it will be a little longer yet before completion)The QuestionPro breach has been pretty poorly handled (it’s also now well beyond debate that it’s real)If you’re sending a C&D notice to a data breach forum, you’re really got no idea how these things work (and now their data is… everywhere)Here’s that UniFi Protect Theta cam (they’re pumping out so much cool stuff lately ?)The stage at NEXTGEN’s Cyber Republic event was pretty awesome (the delayed flight home, late night and early start the next day was… less awesome ?)I got what will possibly be the funniest set of spammer responses to Password Purgatory this week ? (also learned a few things, I’m determined to get even better at this!)Sponsored by: Kolide believes that maintaining endpoint security shouldn’t mean compromising employee privacy. Check out our manifesto: Honest Security.Leer másTroy Hunt

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