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The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Microsegmentation Solution

Today’s IT environments are getting more complex and dynamic, making isolating communication flows through microsegmentation essential. Microsegmentation gives your business granular workload-based security and unparalleled process-level visibility over your operations. It also reduces the risk of attack and improves governance over your entire IT stack.

Moreover, having a full understanding of your infrastructure puts you in a better position to achieve regulatory compliance, and has immense strategic value. It allows your company to safely innovate through cloud technologies and build flexible yet secure rules-based policy into every element of your architecture.

As microsegmentation grows in popularity, there are a number of options to choose from for your security operations, from the vendors themselves to the tools and processes they offer. Let’s break it down. What are the essential elements to consider before you make your choice, and what are the must-haves for microsegmentation to make it simple to truly reap the rewards?

This guide focuses on:

Visibility through application discovery and dependency mapping

  • Ensuring your solution is platform-agnostic
  • Setting up simple policy management and workflows
  • Using Layer 7 insight to avoid undersegmenting
  • Including threat detection and breach response to strengthen security posture
  • Avoiding the trap of “all or nothing” microsegmentation

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