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The 2023 Cybersecurity Report by Solve

In the face of escalating cyber threats, organizations are intensifying their cybersecurity initiatives and investments, with a particular emphasis on leveraging AI as a vital instrument in bolstering their defenses. A heightened awareness and proactive stance have fostered increased engagement and involvement from members of the C-suite and corporate boards. The findings outlined in this report are based on our recent survey, which highlights the critical concerns and adaptive strategies that are shaping cloud and cybersecurity technologies.

To obtain a deeper understanding of the contemporary cybersecurity landscape, Rackspace Technology® commissioned the 2023 Cybersecurity Research Report. This report is built on insights from a comprehensive survey of 1,420 IT executives across varied sectors that include manufacturing, finance,
retail, government and healthcare. The IT leaders we engaged with represent a global IT perspective in regions spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Our objective with this research was to gather the perspectives and priorities of global IT leaders who are considering leveraging cybersecurity best practices to spur growth in their organizations. Through the survey, we were able to pinpoint areas of investment, operational challenges and potential threats while gauging an outlook on the future.

The research highlights two crucial measures businesses need to implement to enhance their resilience against cyberthreats:

  1. crafting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that aligns with organizational objectives, and
  2. mitigating the IT talent shortage through strategic, long-term solutions.

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