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Stalkerware App With Security Bug Discovered on Hotel Systems – Source: www.darkreading.com

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Source: www.darkreading.com – Author: Dark Reading Staff

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A spyware app called pcTattletale was recently discovered tapping into the systems of several Wyndham hotels in the US.

The app is described as “simple stalkerware” by Eric Daigle, who discovered it in the hotel chain’s check-in systems when investigating consumer-grade spyware.

The spyware was reportedly able to capture screenshots of the hotel booking systems, which included guest and customer information. And because of a security bug within the spyware, the screenshots are available on the Internet for anyone to access.

The pcTattletale app allows the user to remotely view a target’s Android or Windows device, as well as its data, from any location. The app’s website advertises that pcTattletale can run invisibly in the background without being detected and takes screenshots, sometimes every few seconds.

if a user is aware of the remote-viewing bug in the spyware, they can download the screenshots that pcTattletale captures from its servers.

Daigle attempted to contact pcTattletale this week to inform the company of the bug but has yet to receive a response. He recommends that if an individual thinks they may be a victim of this kind of stalkerware, they should run an antivirus scan such as Windows Defender for Windows, or Malwarebytes for Android.

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