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Incident Response Reference Guide

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Many organizations will experience a major incident or must respond to difficult questions about preventing, detecting, and successfully managing a cybersecurity attack from customers, partners, and the board of directors.

A 2016-2017 EY survey showed that 87% of board members and C-suite memberslack confidence in their organization’slevel of cybersecurity.

This document is designed to help you better manage these challenges, improve your program with the benefit of our experience, and instill confidence in your ability to manage a major incident. This is based on our collective experiences across awide range of Fortune 1000® companies and government agencies.

Given the recent spike in cybersecurity threats and the difficulty of defending against them, organizations must focus on how to get the most return on their security investments. The greatest security return on investment willcome from prioritizing your security efforts and budget to increase anattacker’s cost, as this will deter opportunistic threats and slow (or ideally stop)determined adversaries.


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