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Global Cybersecurity Trends

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The January 2024 Cybersecurity Analysis provides a comprehensive view of the evolving threat landscape. The Threat Analytics section outlines a significant global surge in breaches, with peaks and troughs indicating the necessity for adaptive security measures. Notable threat actors, such as Lockbit3 and Akira, contribute to diverse tactics ranging from ransomware to infiltration attempts.

Examining the Impact on Company Size reveals a correlation between organization size and breach occurrences. Small and mid-sized companies face heightened vulnerabilities, emphasizing the need for tailored cybersecurity strategies. Larger enterprises exhibit varying breach frequencies, potentially due to robust cybersecurity infrastructures.

The Impacted Country analysis underscores the global nature of cyber threats, with the United States being a primary target. European nations, particularly France and the United Kingdom, show significant impacts, emphasizing the need for globally informed cybersecurity strategies. The top 5 most breached countries collectively represent a substantial portion of incidents, necessitating targeted measures.

The Impact on Industry segment highlights varying degrees of cybersecurity impact across sectors. Manufacturing consistently faces challenges, while the healthcare sector and information technology & services experience notable impacts. The report emphasizes the critical importance of industry-specific cybersecurity strategies to enhance overall resilience against evolving threats.


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