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Information & Communication Technology has become an integral part of our day to day life. It has changed the way we connect with friends, find jobs, find matches for marrying, run businesses, play games, do shopping and so on. With the cheap availability of broadband and smart-phones, almost everyone has access to the cyber space, connecting virtually to millions of online users across the globe. Increasing use of cyber space has also made us vulnerable to cybercrime threats. A minor lapse/negligence in managing our digital life can open the doors for cybercrimes and hence can lead to financial loss, damage to reputation, harassment etc. So, we must be vigilant and careful while connecting digitally to the outside world whether for financial transactions, social networking, playing games or
searching things on the internet etc.

The information provided in this handbook is intended to create awareness among citizens about various cyber threats that can impact them and provide some tips to safeguard themselves against cybercrimes.

The initial part of the booklet depicts the different types of cybercrimes being reported these days, categorized as per their modus operandi. For cybercrime of each modus operandi, we have given its brief description in the box at the top. Below that, is a pictorial representation of how cyber criminals commit that particular cybercrime on the victim. We have tried to keep it simple so that even a common man can understand it. At the bottom of the page are the tips/possible ways by which one can avoid the particular cybercrime/fraud.

There might be certain overlapping tricks found in the various types of cybercrimes explained in the handbook. Still they have been discussed separately because cyber criminals apply some common tricks with very subtle differences because of which many people become victims.


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