Checklist Container Security from Code to Runtime by sysdig snyk

Modern software development has shifted towards microservices built on containers, Kubernetes, and
cloud, and at the same time, adoption of DevOps culture is driving continuous software deployment
to rapidly meet business needs. Security in these fast-moving cloud-native environments requires a radically different approach.
Software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and suspicious activity at runtime are all areas of concern for
developers, operations, and security teams. As containers and DevOps practices blur the boundary between code development and the production environment, security solutions that satisfy the needs of development teams or operations teams in isolation can leave gaps and result in inefficient security practices.
Adopting a cohesive and automated approach to security from development through production helps teams stay vigilant against cyberattacks, reduce noise, and tackle the unique risks of containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. The right practices from source to run are critical for securing your cloud-native environment, but will also enable greater efficiency to help you ship applications faster.

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