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Visualize your critical cyber risks – Source: go.theregister.com

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Source: go.theregister.com – Author: Team Register

Sponsored Post Defending against the cyber threats of today isn’t dissimilar to protecting a medieval castle from attack a thousand years ago.

That’s the opinion of Chris Cheyne, SOC Director at SecurityHQ, a managed security services provider (MSSP), who claims that breaking risks down into their component parts and identifying the weakness in defences should be the first point of consideration.

You can hear more from Chris in this interview with The Register’s Tim Phillips.

Many organizations struggle to understand the full scope and severity of cyber security risks, and/or don’t measure risks in terms of the potential impact on business or operational assets.

Knowing who your enemy is and how they are likely to seek out a vulnerability is another important piece of the puzzle. But all too often, companies don’t quantify the biggest dangers to their business, which can have a detrimental effect on their ability to properly protect their people and processes.

Watch the video to hear more from Chris as he discusses the many intricate challenges involved in managing cybersecurity risks, while emphasizing the need for a more data-driven strategy.

He argues that traditional approaches to risk management are insufficient in today’s fast-evolving threat landscape, and highlights the importance of quantifying cyber risks, understanding the actual impact, and identifying the adversary and threat events that can exploit vulnerabilities.

Chris also advises on the concept of a risk centre as a comprehensive platform for managing cybersecurity risk which can provide valuable insights on how to prioritize effective mitigation actions. That’s exactly what the SecurityHQ 24/7 Managed Defense, Managed Risk, and Managed Security services are designed to do. View the SHQ Response Platform here, and Risk Center here, for more information.

Sponsored by SecurityHQ.

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