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Threat Intel Roundup: DeadGlypH, T-Mobile, Juniper SRX, JetBrains TeamCity

It is crucial for organizations and individuals to prioritize remediation and patching efforts to safeguard their systems and data. The following key findings highlight the importance of proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with various vulnerabilities and threats:

  • Critical Vulnerability in Juniper Devices
  • Critical Authentication Bypass in JetBrains TeamCity CI/CD Servers (CVE-2023-42793)
  • From ScreenConnect to Hive Ransomware in 61 Hours
  • CVE-2023-41892 Craft CMS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • T-Mobile Employee PII Breach and Sony Data Breach
  • Malware Distribution from zzlsteel[.]cc and Associated C2 Domains
  • “Passport and KYC Documents[.]zip” Malware
  • Stealth Falcon Preying on Middle Eastern Skies with DeadGlypH

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