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The Intelligent SOC: Fusion Methodology at the Intersection of Intelligence, Context, and Action in Modern Enterprises – Source: www.databreachtoday.com

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Will Gragido

SVP, Product Management and Intelligence, NetWitness

Will Gragido’s journey in technology started in the early 1990s when he left college and joined the United States Marine Corps. He quickly ushered into the emerging world of data communications, where he received training in internetworking, information security, communications intelligence, and information warfare.

He has been a leader in the cybersecurity industry’s most outstanding services, product, threat research intelligence organizations, including but not limited to ISS, Cassandra Security, TippingPoint DV Labs, RSA, NetWitness FirstWatch, Digital Shadows, Hyas, and Prevailion.

Will is also a published author with three non-fiction titles to his credit related to cybercrime, espionage, and threat forecasting (predictive analytics), with another in the works. Additionally, he is a seasoned and experienced public speaker who has spoken at tier-one conferences globally and sat on the CFP selection board for threat research and malware for the RSAC USA conference.

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