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swift iso 20022 for dummies 6th edition

While many people in the financial services industry have heard about ISO 20022, few truly understand what it’s about and what’s so great about it. At SWIFT, we’re convinced that ISO 20022 can bring profound benefits to the financial services industry, as it improves end-to-end processing across domains and geographies that currently use vastly different standards and information formats. This book removes the
mystery from ISO 20022; it helps you understand why it matters, and lets you see how you can benefit from it.

And we’re not the only ones who love ISO20022! Both securities and payments systems covering all major currencies have either adopted ISO 20022 or are in the process of adopting it, and the financial community has now decided that it’s time for all payments to move from SWIFT MT to ISO 20022. ISO 20022 represents a big opportunity to improve the quality of payments data, end-to-end, which enables improved efficiency, compliance and customer experience.


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