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Safe Security debuts two free risk assessment tools for businesses

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Cybersecurity risk assessment company Safe Security on Tuesday rolled out two new online risk assessment tools for businesses to use, in order to help them understand their vulnerability to cyberattacks and the costs of insuring against them.

Both tools—an interactive cost calculator for cyberattacks and a cyberinsurance assessment app—are available as free-to-use web pages, created by Safe Security and based on the company’s institutional knowledge and in-house research into cybersecurity risk factors.

Risk tools measure financial impact of cyberthreats

The cost calculator for cyberattacks takes into account general data—like revenue, number of employees, vertical, headquarters location and the types of records stores—to arrive at an “annual loss expectancy” figure, according to vice president of AI and cyber insurance at Safe Security, Pankaj Goyal. This measures the likelihood of an attack against the potential financial impact, breaking the potential harms down by the type of attack—currently ransomware, data breach, and business email compromise, but with more types on the way, according to Goyal.

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