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Live Webinar | Protecting Devices and Software from Next-Generation Cyberthreats – Source: www.databreachtoday.com

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Device Identification
Endpoint Security
Hardware / Chip-level Security

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Live Webinar | Protecting Devices and Software from Next-Generation Cyberthreats

IoT devices, industrial, railway, automobile, and aircraft controls, as well as healthcare devices all have 3 things in common. First, these devices run on software and that software must be secured from cyberthreats as it is being developed. Second, when operating in the field, it is necessary to provide ongoing protection through device focused certificate lifecycle management. And finally, the frequency of cyberattacks on all of these is increasing at an alarming rate.

Device security depends on the ability to trust the identity of the device as well as the software that is used with these devices and the software infrastructure that supports them.

Register for this webinar to learn the best practices for how to:

  • Securely identify and update devices
  • Secure software from software supply chain attacks
  • Address new regulatory standards such as those that require software bill of materials

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