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How to Catcha Phish

A Practical Guide to Detecting Phishing Emails

How Email Works

Everyone wants to save the world one click at a time, but before traveling down the road of the interwebs and dodging dangerous international hackers, to protect yourself, you need to understand how electronic messages (also known as email) work. Email is one of the top forms of communication in the twenty-first century, and its use continues to grow rapidly. With this rapid growth has been a continuous increase in the use of email to trick users and deliver malicious software. Understanding the basic components of an email message and its path from the sender to the recipient can pay exorbitant dividends to you as the network defender, end user, or helpful friend lending a hand. Most likely, every reader of this book has sent and received an email message at some point in your technical or personal career. Although the use and platform vary for each user, the process of sending a message using a mail application remains constant. Let’s start where it all begins: the application or program used for email messages.


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