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Hiring Kit: GDPR Data Protection Compliance Officer – Source: www.techrepublic.com

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation requires every business enterprise and public authority that collects personal data from EU customers and clients to protect that data from unauthorized access.

Finding ideal candidates for the GDPR data protection compliance officer position will require thorough vetting, and potential candidates may be difficult to find.

This hiring kit, created by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic Premium, will help you zero in on the qualities and skills you should look for in a GDPR data protection compliance officer. The kit includes salary details, a job description, interview questions and a job advert.

    Featured text from the hiring kit:


    The GDPR data protection compliance officer will:

    Ensure all company employees are aware of and comply with GDPR provisions using best practices.

    Establish and codify company policies, practices and procedures that comply with GDPR and other data protection laws.

    Identify, test and improve company controls on the use, processing and transference of personal data both internally and externally.

    Serve as the first point of contact for inquiries from company employees regarding data protection policies and procedures, providing them with advice and guidance when appropriate.

    Work closely with staff to establish data protection policies that translate into operational procedures.

    Develop proactive policies and enforcement measures that promote compliant data protection operational procedures.

    Create the registers or logs, as required by GDPR and other data protection laws, that describe what type of personal data the company collects and processes and with whom the data is shared.

    Implement technological protocols to support compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws, such as data encryption procedures and secure credential authentication methods.

    Conduct audits to test compliance with data protection policies, practices and procedures.

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