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Collaborative Security: The Team Sport Approach – Source: www.databreachtoday.com

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The shortage of cybersecurity professionals in a world where the demand for them is always increasing makes it necessary to treat cybersecurity as a team sport. By decentralizing the ownership of cybersecurity and increasing security consciousness among everyone in the organization, businesses can improve their security posture.

Dom Lombardi, the vice president of security and trust at Kandji, the maker of the Apple device management and security platform, said collaborative security is part of looking at your organization through a risk management lens. Security leaders, he said, should find a way to translate cyber risk into business risk so that everyone in the organization can work toward the goal of improving the business.

In this episode of CyberEd.io‘s podcast series “Cybersecurity Unplugged,” Lombardi also discussed:

  • Strategies for presenting risk scenarios to business stakeholders;
  • Using compliance as a starting point for partnering with your peers and helping the business meet its goals;
  • The potential for a passwordless future as “hardware is starting to catch up.”

Lombardi’s team is responsible for technical operations, information security, security risk, data privacy and compliance. Prior to Kandji, he built risk-based security, technology and privacy programs at Klaviyo, Kyruus Health and Barton Associates. He has created several SaaS-specific, engineering-focused programs to secure fast-paced, modern environments.

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