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A UNIQUE APPROACH TO Vulnerability Management in OT

  • “We need to do a vulnerability assessment of our ICS systems.”
  • “We want to integrate our OT systems into our corporate vulnerability management program.”
  • “The number of risks in OT is escalating dramatically. We need to have better control over the patching on these systems.”
  • “You can’t effectively patch ICS, so just focus your efforts on anomaly and threat detection.”

These quotes have come across from prospects and industry analysts recently, and while there is no mistaking that vulnerability assessment and management of ICS/OT is growing in importance (and frustration), IT leaders need to understand the risks in OT systems for proper reporting to the Csuite and boards of directors.

OT leaders need to protect their systems from cyberthreats, especially the ever-present risk of ransomware, but cannot afford to interrupt production. And, neither group has very attractive solutions.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to share an alternative approach to vulnerability management in OT that we call 360-Degree ICS Risk Management. The unique concept has evolved over the course of a decade from work with dozens of industrial organizations managing IT-OT environments.


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