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Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Buyer´s Guide by GSA

This guide is intended to assist agencies with acquiring products and services to support and align
with their Zero Trust Security Strategy. We fully recognize that each agency starts the process of
implementing a Zero Trust Strategy from their own unique place based on their current IT
Security maturity and must address the most critical and foundational aspects of a Zero Trust to
address their own unique needs.
There is no Zero Trust “Silver Bullet,” and no single product is likely to achieve Zero Trust alone.
Zero Trust is, in fact, more like a journey than a destination. Moving to a Zero Trust architecture
will take time, and agencies will be at different levels of achievement. GSA’s Highly Adaptive
Cybersecurity Services (HACS) special item number (SIN), Department of Homeland
Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Approved Products List
(APL) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools, and many of our other
solutions can be utilized to support efforts to design and deploy architectures that follow the zero
trust basic tenets.

The information provided in this guide can help you identify a broad range of products and
services to help you develop, implement, and mature your Zero Trust implementation plans.
GSA’s IT Category is available to answer any questions and provide subject matter expertise
related to any aspect of this guide and any other IT needs.


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