Wireshark for Network Forensics


Traffic capture and analysis is an integral part of the overall IT operation, and accordingly Wireshark is an essential skillset required for any IT operation team. This ommunity developed and managed open source tool powers the operation team with the ability to dissect the traffic across the layers for security analysis and troubleshooting purposes. This book will help the readers gain essential knowledge about the Wireshark tool and how to use the same for capturing and analyzing various types of traffic.

The book starts by sprucing up the knowledge of the readers about the Wireshark architecture and its basic installation and use. Further, the book explains the use of this tool to capture the traffic in different unique scenarios. This explains helps the readers to capture the traffic from mobile devices, Bluetooth captures along with cloud and cloud-­native environment. The book also explains the use of different cypher techniques to capture the keys and decode encrypted traffic for deep analysis. Overall, this book will help the readers to gain strong knowledge about the tool and its usage in different, latest technology scenarios.


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