WEF Quantum Readiness Toolkit 2023


Quantum computers promise transformative powers for businesses and organizations across the globe and through a diverse range of industries. However, they also introduce significant risks to the current digital economy. In the near future, sufficiently powerful and commercially available quantum computers will undermine current cryptographic standards protecting most digital communications and vast amounts of sensitive data. Mitigating this security risk requires organizations to implement quantumsecurity technologies that quantum computers cannot break. Organizations need to embark on a large and complex transition to become resilient to quantum computer attacks.

There is a need for a cohesive, global, crossborder approach to cybersecurity and governing quantum risk. This Quantum Readiness Toolkit provides a framework of five principles to guide organizations to prepare for the quantum-secure economy by providing steps for assessing their quantum readiness and identifying and prioritizing future actions. The input arises from in-depth conversations during the World Economic Forum’s quantum security working group, a global multistakeholder effort, which brings together a community of senior cyber and quantum executives and experts from business, government, regulators and academic institutions.

Organizations need to prioritize quantum risk alongside existing risks, through the definition of a clear roadmap, and clear roles and responsibilities. To face quantum risks, organizations need to raise awareness, invest in education and in technology adoption, as well as collaborate with the ecosystem. This toolkit and the accompanying knowledge base aim to provide leaders with guidance necessary to achieve organization-wide understanding of quantum risk and its governance – in order to thrive in a
quantum-secure economy.

Since organizations vary in size, industry and maturity, the toolkit does not serve as a onesize-fits-all solution. The guidance laid out in the toolkit is suggestive and not exhaustive since all organizations will have to complete their own quantum security transition. The toolkit serves as a starting point to explore what an organization’s unique strategy for quantum readiness can look like.


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