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Weekly Update 350 – Source: www.troyhunt.com

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Source: www.troyhunt.com – Author: Troy Hunt

And so ends a long period of back-to-back weeks of conferences and talks. It’s funny how these things seem to cluster together at times and whilst the last 6 or 8 weeks (I honestly lose track!) have been chaotic, I’ve now got a few weeks of much less pressure which will give me time to finally push out some HIBP stuff that’s been in the wings for ages. I’ve just got to get through this weekend first, stay tuned for pics on social for that, it’s going to be pretty epic 😎

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  1. The garage joinery is looking epic (the promised pic from just before this week’s video started)
  2. The Yale IoT locks are beautifully made, but the digital UX is an absolute nightmare (I’ll look at doing the Zigbee and Home Assistant bits properly next week)
  3. But hey, at least the doors look good! (they’ll outlive the IoT by a massive order of magnitude and I suspect they’ll see many different locks over the years)
  4. I promised axe throwing pics! (how they serve you beer before throwing them is… curious)
  5. There was a rather sizeable dump of Polish credentials (I’m not normally loading credential stuffing lists these days, but this one was a little different)
  6. And then there was the RaidForums dump (you’d have to be feeling pretty uneasy if you were on there doing criminal things)
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