Weekly Update 322

It’s very strange to have gone 1,051 days without spending more than a few hours apart, but here we are… very temporarily:

Only 15,501km away 😢 And only 4 days until I head back to Oslo 😊

— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) November 20, 2022

Which means that right now, I’m throwing myself into a gazillion other things to keep me busy including how schools advise parents to manage devices, wrapping gup that HTML signature, asking probing questions about paying ransoms and, unbelievably, fighting off the most ridiculous claim of HIBP having been P’d. That last one especially, FFS, just listen…


Does your child’s school provide any guidance around the use of native parental controls on their devices? (not a poll, but a near unanimous “no” response anyway)My HTML email signature is finally done – it was not a fun process 😭 (for my next trick – making it actually work in Exchange for iOS)Should there be a government ban on paying a ransom to stop breached data from being publicly leaked? (this one is a poll… with a very clear result)Have I Been Pwned didn’t get pwned (I can’t believe how this got written in the first place, nor how anyone ever even took it seriously 🤦‍♂️)Sponsored by: Varonis. Reduce your SaaS blast radius with data-centric security for AWS, G Drive, Box, Salesforce, Slack and more.Leer másTroy Hunt

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