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Web App Security Checklist Qualysec

Web application security testing is vital for preventing large security flaws in critical applications. There are many moving parts to the testing process, but it can be simplified with this five step approach.

  1. Identify What needs to be tested

identify what needs to tested, taking into consideration company and customer requirements. Its must be clear which applications, network systems or code need to be tested and how.

  1. Determine Which tools are Best

determine which tools are best suited for each task most web app. Security testing requires a web vulnerability scanner but other tasks like authenticated testing or source code analysis require otherpotentially expensive tools.

  1. Run Vulnerability Scans

run vulnerability scans to break down which test are most important making sure the scanners test for big things like SQL injection, cross site scripting and inclusion.

  1. Manually Validate scanner findings

Manually validate scanner finding to see what matters in the context of the application and business , looking at the application through the eyes of a potential hacker. This is the most time consuming and difficult part of the application security Testing Process.

  1. Document and share findings

finally document and share findings organizing findings into format security assessment report not only creates a paper trail and demonstrates care, but it’s helps stakeholders, development teams, devOPs staff and executive management to reference.


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