Turning a Cybersecurity Strategy Into Reality A Holistic Performance Management Framework by BCG & STC

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Saudi Telecommunication Company (stc) is the Saudi digital enabler of telecommunications
services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. stc are a pioneer digital champion, always been focused
on innovation and evolution, thinking about the future to make it, to stay ahead as a truly
meaningful and purposeful organization. stc offer variety of ICT solutions and digital services in
several categories including telecommunication, IT, financial technology, digital media,
cybersecurity, and other advanced digital solutions, with that stc are leading the digital
transformation nationally and regionally.

Cyberattacks and breaches are not going anywhere.
The frequency and cost of cyberattacks is accelerating. Globally, the cost of cybercrime is estimated to have risen from $445B in 2015 to over $2.2 trillion today1. The frequency and size of data breaches are
growing exponentially across all industries (Exhibit 1). In 2021, leading organizations across almost every sector reported major attacks, including tech companies, automotive2 and government entities3.

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