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Three Steps for Protecting Your Data End-to-End with Microsoft Purview by Microsoft Security

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Organizations have seen a massive increase in their digital footprint with hybrid work, extending well beyond the traditional office.
That’s led to more data fragmentation and exfiltration – all complicated by rapid growth across a multitude of applications, devices and locations. Many workers have also switched roles in search of greater fulfilment or flexibility, and that’s added to these challenges, creating new blind spots
across ever-growing data estates.¹
All these factors have CIOs and CISOs rethinking their approach to information protection. In a tracking survey of over 500 US compliance decision-makers, nearly all (95%) were concerned about data-protection challenges.²

¹ ‘How Microsoft can help reduce insider risk during the Great Reshuffle, Alym Rayani’, Microsoft Security. February 28, 2022.
² ‘September 2021 survey of 512 US compliance decision-makers commissioned by Microsoft from Vital Findings’.

Download & read the complete report below 👇👇👇

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