ThreatMon Cyber Threat Report


ThreatMon, as a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) firm, presents its comprehensive report on the Ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups targeting Türkiye in May. This report aims to provide valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape, highlighting the activities and tactics employed by these malicious entities. By analyzing the latest trends and emerging patterns, we
aim to assist organizations in enhancing their cybersecurity posture and proactively defending against these threats.

Ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant cybersecurity concern worldwide, posing a serious threat to businesses, governments, and individuals. In recent months, Türkiye has witnessed an alarming increase in ransomware incidents, leading to substantial financial losses, operational disruptions, and
compromised data security. Our report focuses on the notable ransomware groups that have targeted Turkish entities, shedding light on their attack vectors, preferred techniques, and potential motivations.

In addition to ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups continue to pose formidable challenges to the security of critical infrastructure, government agencies, and various industries. These well-resourced and highly sophisticated adversaries employ advanced techniques to gain unauthorized access, maintain persistence, and exfiltrate sensitive information.

By consolidating both Ransomware groups and APT groups within a single report, ThreatMon aims to provide a holistic view of the threat landscape faced by Turkish organizations. This comprehensive approach enables security teams and decision-makers to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving tactics and potential convergences between these distinct threat vectors. By staying ahead of the adversaries, organizations can implement proactive measures, establish effective incident response plans, and fortify their defenses against these persistent threats.

As cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication and scale, our report serves as a valuable resource to raise awareness, promote collaboration, and facilitate timely action. By equipping organizations with actionable insights, we endeavor to foster a safer digital ecosystem and empower defenders in their battle against malicious actors.

We hope this report proves to be a valuable asset in fortifying your cybersecurity posture and enabling you to effectively combat the evolving threat landscape.


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