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Proactive methods for dealing with cyber threats are growing along with the complexity of malware. Malware has an infrastructure that supports its operation. This infrastructure includes servers, domains, IP addresses, and other components that allow malware to communicate and carry out malicious activities. Malware infrastructure analysis is key to understanding and combating these threats. Malware Infrastructure Analysis investigates these elements to dissect anatomy, uncover hidden threats, strengthen defenses, and ultimately protect systems from attack. In the current era of threat development, threat actors continue to improve technically, it is also important as a cyber threat to carry out threat hunting strategies to stay one step away from attackers. This article will discuss malware infrastructure analysis methods using infrastructure search engines to obtain a list of infrastructure used by malware.

As a final part, I would like to thank the very interesting article from @MichalKoczwara and @Matthew. This article was inspired by the thoughts and ideas they shared. A collaborative spirit in the world of cybersecurity is the key to building a resilient and adaptive defense.

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