The first quarter of 2022 in cybersecurity was more about evolution than revolution. The techniques and prevalence of ransomware attacks advanced while Russian cyberattacks continued a slow-building evolution fed by the continuing conflict in Ukraine. Our latest Trellix Threat Report includes our findings from Q1 2022 and other vital research including the evolution of Russian cybercrime, ransomware
in the United States, and email security trends. We also share our team’s recent research into vulnerabilities found in building access control systems, and risks unique to connected healthcare.

Welcome to our latest threat report. When we started the journey with Trellix, we knew merging two major backends would give us a tremendous cyberthreat perspective of what’s happening in the world. This edition includes a new category providing our readers more insights into what kind of threats are
being observed from an email perspective.
We enjoyed seeing so many of you at RSA where we released and presented several pieces of our research ranging from an overview of attacks observed in the Ukraine to vulnerabilities we discovered in
medical devices and building access control technology. This report highlights this research and other prevalent threats and attacks observed in the wild as well as and our data and findings from the
first quarter of 2022.

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