The Purple Book on Cyber Security – Introduction for Sales, Pre-sales & Delivery Beginners by Sudhansu M Nayak.



This book is intended to simplify cyber security as much as possible and help beginners, semi-technical, and non-technical practitioners with leading questions to field. To explain certain concepts, ideas have been stretched to normal real-life scenarios. Please do send in your thoughts and questions for us to make this more engaging.
The attempt to flatten the learning curve and build consensus among buyers, technology owners, and service providers guided us to structure the book into technology chapters. Each chapter has basics explained, a la what is the technology and how it helps, sales cue, pre-sales cue, and delivery cue.
Sales cue deals with what questions sales leaders can ask prospective clients to develop needs and use cases. Similarly, in this section, we have also dealt with what possible questions may a prospective client ask of the sales leader while exploring the use cases. And between the sales leaders and the prospective clients, what parameters can they agree on while finalising the terms and conditions of the sales transaction.
Pre-sales cue deals with what could be possible sizing guidelines or benchmarks for the technology, to which other systems can the solution connect with, steps of implementation of the solution, services levels parameters they can agree to, and where things can go wrong.
Delivery cue deals with daily, weekly, monthly operations activities, which level of capability (L1, L2, L3) can manage what activities, typical set of reports for the solution, and what factors can be looked at for a holistic governance of the solution.
This compilation is by no means the most exhaustive, but it aims to build enough thrust for beginners-to-cyber-security sales, pre-sales, and delivery personnel to move to the next level of expertise. With your continued support, we can augment this book easier to comprehend, manage the simplicity, and still address frequently asked questions in the market
OpenAI has been used to generate answers to frequently asked questions and where necessary, answers have been augmented by practical suggestions. Since OpenAI has been used, we have decided to make this book open and free to use.
While reading the book, if you see a text-portion in saffron italics (for example: malware signatures), it means the term has been explained in the next sub-section. If there are terms you want more explanation on, please do give us the feedback and we shall try and add them to the sections. Italic also shows new terms and some sample programs.
Hope you enjoy reading or referring to it more than we enjoyed compiling it.

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