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The evolution in and importance of securing the cloud 2022

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The adoption of cloud services can catalyze business innovation and growth. More than 90% of organizations currently rely on cloud services. But how secure is your organization’s cloud data and how are cyber security companies evolving cloud security technologies to help you stay ahead of emerging cloud-based threats?

In an exciting episode of Ahead in the Cloud: Cybersecurity in the Cloud-First Computing Era, podcast guest Ofir Israel, Check Point Software’s VP of Threat Prevention, discusses the gradual evolution of cloud computing, how the company is integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into its cloud security product lines, the downside of cloud, how to respond to a really good phishing email and so much more. For a brief excerpt of key cloud insights from the podcast, read through a partial, edited transcript below:

Are you combining machine learning and AI with your cloud security systems?

For Check Point Software, this is the best tool in our belt and this is largely due to the cloud. We have lots and lots of data. We scan millions of files everyday. We have more than 100,000 organizations that are secured by Check Point. So we have a lot of data that goes to our cloud. That provides us with huge data set – and we use those data sets to train our models to predict whether the next sample is malicious or not.

How does Check Point use cloud to add functionality or deliver more capabilities in terms of your security offerings?

As I mentioned, we have a large portfolio of cloud security solutions, called CloudGuard, which of course, operates entirely in the cloud and protects cloud workloads. So doing the security in the cloud for the cloud is obvious in this product line. Second, as a vendor with a strong track record and history, we have products, for which their production systems were migrated from on-prem data centers to cloud workloads, mainly for dealing with scale and efficiency, agility and changes and all sorts of modern engineering gifts because…and all of our new products are developed in what is called the ‘cloud native’ way…

Is there any downside to using cloud for security?

…To do cyber security right in order to prevent threats, you need solutions that do hybrid work. You need the prevention on the agents and to also use the cloud for fast resources to inspect. Check Point Software does this in a what I think is a great way.

We use the cloud for the sophisticated algorithms and attacks it provides and we are also able to prevent or the enforcement point in a way that is smooth for the user. For example, like what I mentioned with the model that is trained by the cloud, but is available on the endpoint; this is no longer enough because we also need to use the cloud in real-time, but it provides us with the ability to do this hybrid work and allow both prevention and the sophisticated attack detection.

Did you find these insights informative and thought provoking? Listen to the entire Ahead in the Cloud: Cybersecurity in the Cloud-First Computing Era episode here, or download the transcript from the show notes.

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