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State of Segmentation Strong Implementations Reap Great Security Rewards

Segmentation Is Calling… Are Organizations Answering?

Segmentation enables organizations to protect networks from external and internal threats by inspecting and controlling all traffic, east-west and north-south, with process-level details. In other words, segmentation applies “micro perimeters” around sensitive data assets to prevent lateral movement
and ultimately reduce the attack surface.

For these reasons, most organizations (96%) are currently implementing segmentation into their network.
They not only recognize the promised benefits, but also the risks, with 96% of respondents to Guardicore’s study stating that leaving networks unsegmented creates significant risk.

However, most organizations claiming to segment their environments are doing so on a limited scale – only 2% protect all six critical assets, including critical applications, public-facing applications, domain controllers, endpoints, servers, and business critical assets/data, with segmentation.


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