Simplifying the way we protect SaaS applications – How to protect users and data with a Zero Trust approach by Cloudflare

In today’s distributed environment, software-as-aservice (SaaS) applications have given organizations
greater flexibility to support corporate employees and contractors across the world. Some of the most
notable SaaS application suites currently include communication (email delivery, chat platforms),
productivity (documents, spreadsheets), and collaboration (online storage). By 2025, Gartner
predicts that 85% of enterprises will run their businesses with a cloud-first principle — with
SaaS as the preferred vehicle for access management deployments1.
While SaaS applications allow organizations to remain more agile, however, the shift to the cloud
comes with associated security and performance risks, especially for organizations that are
juggling multiple point solutions designed to operate independently of each other. Tasked with
implementing and managing dozens, if not hundreds, of these applications, security, networking, and IT
teams are often strapped for time, struggle to gain visibility across their entire organization, and wrestle
with security and connectivity gaps left by services that are not inherently designed to work together.
As a result, many organizations are driven to find better ways of consolidating security products across
their SaaS landscape — to improve efficiency, reduce management and implementation complexity, and
receive consolidated support.

Starting the journey to simplified SaaS security comes with several important considerations. The
way workforces communicate and operate today calls for a simple and scalable approach to security,
one that is designed to stay ahead of emerging risks, reduces incidents that come from SaaS applications,
and makes it easy for security teams to monitor and prevent threats to their organizations.
Read on to discover how a Zero Trust platform — one that integrates cloud access security broker
(CASB) and cloud email security (CES) capabilities — provides the easiest path to stop data loss, phishing,
ransomware, shadow IT, and lateral movement across your organization.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will turn to single-vendor solutions that unify
web, cloud services, and private application access from a security services edge (SSE) platform2.

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