Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo


Providing a true and thorough account 1 of any topic or period is a difficult endeavor, but it is especially so when one is not afforded the luxury of declassified documents or the passage of time which seems to clear the air of any contemporary—often political—hurdles to the truth. In fact, there appears to be an inverse relationship between the recency of events (scandalous, as is this account, or not) and the willingness of the associated parties to speak about them. The Marco Polo 2 nonprofit research group set out in September 2021 to write a comprehensive Report on the Biden Laptop—which it possessed a copy of—fully cognizant of these limitations. Nevertheless, the group intends for this Report to stand the test of time for its thorough and sober explanation of the situation: the blatant social media oligopoly suppression, 3 intelligence community (IC) 4 and corporate media 5 gaslighting, and cowardice of federal law enforcement to deliver justice to those who obviously committed crimes.

The Department of Justice (DOJ), specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), took possession of an Apple laptop previously used by Hunter Biden (Hunter) on 12/09/2019, following months of back-and-forth with a computer repair shop owner named John Paul Mac Isaac. 6 Hunter had abandoned the device at Mac Isaac’s shop in Wilmington in April 2019. Based out of the Wilmington Resident Agency of the Baltimore 7 Field Office (BAFO), FBI Special Agents Mike Dzielak 8 (1-267-273-6744; DOB: 03/16/1971) and Josh Wilson 9 (1-973-699-5695; DOB: 05/09/1978), both 10 child pornography investigators, took weeks to respond to Mac Isaac, who wanted the device out of his shop because he believed it contained evidence of felonies. When the FBI agents finally acquired the laptop, their subpoena was issued under the pretense of a money laundering investigation.

This Report would not have been necessary if law enforcement had done its job. Dereliction of duty is nothing new for the FBI, as its government-sponsored 11 cover-up occurred with Anthony Weiner’s devices. 12 Additionally, besides a few notable exceptions, news outlets and think tanks in America have been unwilling to investigate and expose the hundreds of crimes and conflicts of interest on the Biden Laptop which—as you will read—definitively implicate the sitting pResident, Joe Biden (Joe).


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