RDP Penetration Testing by IGNITE Technologies

From Wikipedia Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), also known as “Terminal Services Client,” is a
proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that allows a user to connect to another computer via a
network connection using a graphical interface.RDP servers are built into Windows operating systems;
by default, the server listens on TCP port 3389.
In a network environment, it is best practise to disable the services that are not being used, as they can
be the potential cause of a compromise. The Remote Desktop Service is no exception to this. If the service
is disabled on the system, it can be enabled using the following steps. Inside the control panel of the
system, there exists a system and security section. Inside this section, there is a system section. After
traversing inside this section, on the left-hand side menu, there exists a Remote Settings option, as
depicted in the image below. It can also be verified that the system that we are working on is Windows
10 Enterprise Edition.

By clicking on the Remote Setting option, we see that a small window opens. It consists of multiple tabs.
However, inside the Remote Tab, we see that there is a section labelled “Remote Desktop.” This section
can be used to enable or disable the Remote Desktop Service. For the time being, we are enabling the
service as shown in the image below.

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