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Source: www.securityweek.com – Author: Ionut Arghire

Security researchers are warning that vulnerabilities patched in the open-source Pimcore platform could have led to the execution of arbitrary code when clicking on a link.

A digital experience platform, Pimcore provides data and user experience management capabilities to over 100,000 organizations worldwide.

In March 2023, version 10.5.19 of the Pimcore platform resolved two issues that could have been used together to achieve arbitrary code execution, open source software security company Sonar Source says.

The two vulnerabilities, a path traversal bug and an SQL injection flaw, were identified in a GET request endpoint only accessible to admins, but which lacked CSRF protections.

Because the value of the endpoint’s exportFile parameter was not sanitized prior to being appended to the web root path, an attacker could “control the extension as well as traverse back in the folder path”, Sonar Source says.

This allowed an attacker to control the “CSV output file path, name, and extension”, leading to the creation of PHP files on the server.

To be able to control the content of the file for code execution, the attacker could then exploit an SQL injection flaw in the same endpoint, which allowed for the execution of arbitrary SQL queries.

The two vulnerabilities, which are tracked together as CVE-2023-28438, could be chained together in a single GET request by creating a malicious link and tricking an administrator to click on it, resulting in the deployment of a web shell on the server.

“The impact of [the] path traversal and arbitrary extension is limited (creation of arbitrary files and appending data to existing files) but when combined with the SQL Injection, the exported data can be controlled and a webshell can be uploaded. Attackers can use that to execute arbitrary PHP code on the server with the permissions of the webserver,” Pimcore said an advisory.

Pimcore platform users are advised to update to version 10.5.19 as soon as possible, or to apply the available patches manually.

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