OSINT – The Most Complete Open Source Intelligence Overview by Joas Antonio

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence Complete Overview by Joas Antonio

This is a book with multi translations about OSINT, for those who want to acquire
knowledge and improve themselves even more in the area.
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OSINT (acronym for Open Source Intelligence) is the term used, mainly in English, to describe intelligence, in the sense of information, such as in an intelligence service, obtained through data available to the general public, such as newspapers. ,magazines and TV independents. OSINT is one of the sources of intelligence. It is known from data and information available and obtained to anyone.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). It is an intelligence model that aims to find, select and acquire information from public sources and analyze them so that, together with other sources, it produces knowledge. In the intelligence (IC) community, the term “o pen ” refers to publicly available sources.

The phases that cover the specialized collection according to sources and means used to obtain information from the information basically comprise four techniques. Conventionally separated into three of a secret nature and one of an overt nature. In countries, around 80 to 90% of government investments in the field of Intelligence are absorbed by this stage of the cycle. Scholarly workson Intelligence define collection techniques using acronyms derived from North American usage: HUMINT (Human Source Intelligence), SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), IMINT (Image Intelligence) and OSINT ( Open Source Intelligence)


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