Next Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies – Brought to you by Cylance

Next Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies - Brought to you by Cylance

How did you choose your anti-malware solution? Did you put it through the same rigorous process as your other security solutions? Or, did you simply renew your current product licensing? Perhaps you went with something you had used at a previous job. Maybe you even went so far as to read a few
product reviews and third-party test results or evaluations. In other words, did you test for yourself? Did you test the antimalware solution in your lab?
Anti-malware protection just hasn’t been very exciting — until now. In this book, we explain how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help your enterprise combat malware threats in a more preventative, proactive, and radically better way than with legacy anti-malware products. We explain why you need to not take someone else’s word for it (including ours and your vendor’s). Instead, you need to test different solutions for yourself, just as you would with any other major security investment.

About This Book
Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing For Dummies, Cylance Special Edition, consists of six short chapters that explore the following:
»»Why legacy anti-malware techniques are limited, and how artificial intelligence and machine learning combat modern malware more effectively (Chapter 1)
»»Why you should test for yourself (Chapter 2)
»»How to set up your own anti-malware testing environment (Chapter 3)
»»How to safely obtain malware samples and test anti-malware products yourself (Chapter 4)
»»How to take action on your anti-malware testing results (Chapter 5)
»»What to consider when choosing an anti-malware solution for your organization (Chapter 6)

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