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The safe and secure functioning of our economy, critical infrastructure, and government services depends on our ability to protect digital infrastructure and sensitive information. However, as global cyberattacks increase in both frequency and sophistication, fueled in part by the professionalization of the global cybercrime industry, we must raise the bar for what is necessary to successfully defend systems and networks.

The New York Cybersecurity Strategy sets forth an approach to cybersecurity and resilience based on the principles of unification, resilience, and preparedness. By bringing together the capabilities, resources, and
insights of disparate stakeholders into a unified statewide approach, New York is better able to reduce the
ability of malicious cyber actors to hold New York residents, businesses, and infrastructure at risk.

This strategy outlines Governor Hochul’s plan for ensuring that New Yorkers continue to reap the benefits of the digital age while remaining protected from digital threats.

This strategy is organized into the following sections:

  1. A Convergence of Cyber Threats
  2. New York’s Approach: Unification, Resilience, and Preparedness
  3. Critical Stakeholders
  4. Strategic Pillars: Operate, Collaborate, Regulate, Communicate, and Grow

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