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Honeywell on Tuesday announced the launch of a new OT cybersecurity solution designed to help organizations identify vulnerabilities and threats in their facilities.

Part of its Forge cybersecurity offering, the new Cyber Insights solution collects data from Honeywell products and various existing third-party security solutions, including data on vulnerabilities, security events, potential threats, and compliance issues.

The generated data can be used for OT-specific threat hunting and for conducting investigations. 

The on-premises solution includes subscription software installed in the OT environment, a one-time deployment service, and technical support services.

Cyber Insights provides curated near real-time and historical information that can be leveraged by on-site staff. Alternatively, organizations can forward the log data to an off-site SOC or to a managed security services provider, such as Honeywell.

Honeywell pointed out that since the new solution is specifically designed for OT systems, it checks the system load and the analysis and correlation of the collected data is done on a dedicated server instead of the OT assets themselves in order to avoid causing any disruption. 

In terms of compliance, Cyber Insights is designed to monitor assets against user-defined policies, CIS benchmarks, and NIST 800-53 requirements.

“Organizations should leverage technology to address worker shortages, while at the same time gaining clear visibility into their OT facilities’ cybersecurity posture to help them make faster decisions and reduce cyber risk,” said Michael Ruiz, VP and GM of Honeywell OT Cybersecurity Innovation. 

“Cyber Insights is a tool designed to provide customers with detection and insights so that cybersecurity leaders can better understand and monitor their then current security profile, while also being able to detect and mitigate the latest threats,” Ruiz added.

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